Get Started With FloristWare

Interested in getting started with FloristWare? It's easy and painless – just follow the steps below.

Switching POS systems can be intimidating but we help florists through it all the time and we know how to make it easy. Most flower shops follow the three steps below but you don't have to – wherever you are, whatever you want to do, we want to help so please give us a call at 888.531.3012.

1. Browse The Site, Ask Questions

Please call us at 888.531.3012 x702 any time and we'll be happy to answer your questions about FloristWare and how it can help your retail flower shop run more profitably and efficiently.

We also encourage you to spend some time here on our website and check out various resources like the FAQsretail florist case studies, and more.

2. Try The Free Trial Version

After visiting the site and/or talking to use most florists are ready to get started with FloristWare. That's great, and they can skip ahead to the final step any time.

We do however encourage florists to contact us about a free demo of our floral POS system first. It's best if you know exactly what you are getting into and we have nothing to hide!

3. Sign Up

Just call us at 888.531.3012 x702 and let us know that you are ready to go. We'll schedule installation of the full version and take care of the payment details.

That's it! We hope to be working with you soon. And if you have any questions at all please contact us at 888.531.3012 x702.

I can't believe we ever got along without the program!! It feels like driving without the steering wheel.
– Marianne Cichowski
Owner, Awesome Blossoms | Langley BC